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Greetings! I am Sanil, the man behind the inception of Wiremesh back in 2010. I have proudly graced the pages of Silicon Magazine’s prestigious list of Ten Most Promising Investment Planning Companies in 2018. Prior to founding Wiremesh, I have worked with renowned global BFSI giants such as HSBC and Barclays, channeling my expertise to assist them in expanding their horizons and generating substantial wealth for my esteemed business verticals. Together, we have ventured into realms where success knows no bounds, and the rewards reaped have surpassed even the wildest dreams.

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Step into my world, where I am devoted to unravelling the mysteries of finance and keeping investment simple for the common man.  No longer confined to the realm of financial services, I also create content, dedicated to empowering the common man to amass wealth. But that’s not all—my words leap off the screen as I pen highly action-oriented posts on LinkedIn and on my blog page – Stay informed With Sanil, catering to those who prefer the written word over social media platforms.

Together, we embark on a journey where financial enlightenment meets a touch of whimsy, all while equipping you with the knowledge and strategies to unlock your full earning potential. Prepare to dive into a world where money-making becomes an exhilarating adventure, guided by my captivating content and infectious passion for empowering the masses.


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